The NEO Neurophone is not a telephone, however, it embodies the true smart phone since it makes YOU smart. Invented in 1958, by the then 13 year-old prodigy, Patrick Flanagan, the incredible Neurophone speeds meditation, balances left and right brain functions, activates your ancient ears and boosts IQ using ultrasonic frequencies broadcast into the brain via transducers you wear on your head. 

Results using the NEO Neurophone vary from person to person, however, in the 50-some-years of distribution,  the Neurophone has enjoyed nearly 100% customer satisfaction and also out performs expensive bio-feedback devices costing thousands of dollars.

Dr. Flanagan wants to make techno-meditation affordable for everyone. Until now, its $800 price tag has kept the NF3 Neurophone out of reach for many. The NF3 has served a grand purpose, allowing users to hear through their skin, however, the NEO's rechargable batteries and Pink Fiboncci frequency put the evolution in revolution. With your funding, the doctor can complete the remaining R&D/retooling work and we can all usher in the dawning of a NEO world.

NEO is not named for the fictional Matrix film character, though comparisons may be drawn by fans for its ability to wake up a world being dumbed to sleep. This NEO (Neural Efficiency Optimizer) is real and ready to smarten up a planet one Neurophone at a time.

Why You've Likely Not Heard of Dr. Flanagan's Neurophone Before.

For starters, for about the first 20 years after Neurophone was invented in 1958 by Dr. Patrick Flanagan, it was kept under government lock and key for intense study for years.  Dr. Flanagan managed through great efforts to free his Neurophone for the public after about 20 years of his invention.

The biggest reason you've never heard of the Neurophone before is because it was invented far, far ahead of it’s time. Think about it, in 1958, people simply were not tech savvy, in

fact, the portable radio had not even been invented. Interestingly, just a few months ago, it was reported the US Air Force is considering helmets with built in ultrasonics, to allow pilots soothing inner peace in their extremely stressful environments. 

The fact is this crowdfunder reached 100% of its funding goal in less than 35 hours, is proof the world is ready for techno-meditation and the Neurophone Experience.  

Neo Neurophone
What is the NEO Neurophone?

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NEO Neurophone
NEO Neurophone

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