World-famed Scientist Dr. G. Patrtick Flanagan's NEO Neurophone a Hit: The Crowd Has Spoken!

Spoken to the tune of $1.5 million, contributed from 3,000+ NEO Neurophone supporters  from 182 countries.

*Note: Total is higher than ticker as Indiegogo does not track Dr. Flanagan's EZ NEO plan, helping those on a budget get a NEO.

Inventor Patrick Flanagan announced Jan 1, 2015 that the
retail price of the NEO Neurophone will be $444.  Until the
Indiegogo closes in the Summer, we highly suggest you grab
the $399 introductory price while you can.

Neurophone inventor Dr. Flanagan says, "The volunteer group grew  fast!  Interest in the NEO Neurophone is high! 

I have to thank my wife Stephanie Sutton for her incredible behind the scenes work in gathering the support of friends with large email bases like our dear friend Russ Michael.  And then of course Ken Sheetz, architect of the  campaign who has been tireless in gathering people into a highly organized frenzy."

Adds NEO Neurophone campaign director Ken Sheetz, "I've never seen so much passion and enthusiasm on FB as in this group of volunteers.  I am thrilled by the hard work of so  many volunteers, especially my assistant, Cal Poly marketing grad  Genevieve Munoz.

Let's make a smarter world!"

NEO Updates

Listed here in no particular order are people who contributed $3 to honor both Tesla and Flanagan simply for the prize of appearing on our website and supporting brain studies of the NEO!

Peter Pavelka

Shannon Cox

Marine Mills

Dipak Patel

Christopher Hedt

Melissa  Holtzer

Suzanne Wasilik

Trevor Nelson

Allen Bruun

Timothy McDaniel

Jonathan Seder

Marc Latrique

George Barabas

Elaine Maez

Richard Reese

Janet Burvill

Shareef Twal

Shashi Negi

Ken Sheetz

Genevieve Munoz

J Patrick McClure

Germain Hensel

NEO Neurophone

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