A Word from NEO Neurophone Inventor Dr. Patrick Flanagan

Dear Contributors,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in making the 2015 NEO a reality. The NEO is being engineered from the ground up from scratch and we are not using ANY of the old Neurophone circuits, software or cases. We want the NEO to be ENTIRELY new.

Heads up.  I've decided the retail price tag for the NEO, after the extended In Demand Indiegogo ends in June, will be $444 plus shipping. Please take advantage the low $399 introductory NEO price I've kept in place for the Indiegogo, which includes domestic shipping.

At my Arizona based PhiSciences we've had amazing stories about what the Neurophone does for the betterment of the brain from many happy customers. We have many tales of the deaf hearing music for the first time, which got me my Neurophone

patented originally. But, to be clear, the Neurophone is not a medical device.  Rather it's a time tested revolutionary device people have adored using safely for decades to get more out of life.  The Neurophone is an easy affordable way to expand IQ and achieve a deep profound sense of well-being, even bliss.

I advise that most people do not have a profound experience the first time they wear my Neurophone. That's because the ultrasonic effect is gentle. Depending on how regular one uses the Neurophone, it might take up to a couple weeks to balance your right and left brain, entrain the ancient ear, improve learning skills and to see results of a smarter you. Be patient with your NEO.  I think you will discover NEO benefits to be well worth the wait. 

Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan

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